Inception and Happiness

Watched two beautiful movies recently. One is The Pursuit of Happiness and the other one is INCEPTION. The first one is a story of a single dad that gets you absorbed. Though a rags to riches kind of a story, it takes you in with really moving inspirational and emotional scenes. Hats off to Will Smith and his real life son Jaden Smith.

Coming to INCEPTION.. i sincerely prefer to watch the movie once again and again to share the inceptions in my subconscious mind. I was introduced to Christopher Nolan with his mind game thriller ‘PRESTIGE” in 2007. It was a story of rivalry between two magicians with a spell binding narration. Then, I am forced see his later films like Batman Begins, Dark Night and Dark Night Rises.
Chris Nolan
His MEMENTO is so popular in India as it was remade without courtesy as Ghazini IN Tamil. It was a puzzle movie that begins from the end. I haven’t seen his less appreciated INSOMNIA yet. I admired this unique talent called Christopher Nolan for his unconventional approach and innovative screenplays. He is indeed providing something thoughtful among countless computer generated pseudo thrillers from Hollywood.
Those who have missed him start getting him. Here, I would like to make your tour with Chris Nolan with this small piece of excellence: